Our beloved Soda passed away not long after we moved into our new home.

It was very sudden and was probably caused by a heart attack, caused by the heat.

He had been out for a run and had spent time with his best friend Georgie, he had eaten his dinner and we put the dogs to bed at 11.45pm but in the morning Soda had died.

Soda was bred by me (Captain x Jet) but was really Barry's dog. He was a great character Hated kids. Hated Other dogs. Hated cats and was never really in love with people, he never seemed to trust them, but to Barry and myself he was a star.

He loved us always did as we asked and never showed us anything but love, when we cuddled him he would close his eyes and would smile. He became friends with Georgie , but she had to work at it using cheese to get him to trust her, Georgie could do anything with Soda she would brush him take him for walks. Once Georgie was on her trampoline jumping up and down, Soda saw her he came running and jumped up onto the trampoline with her and they both started to jump together just wished I had my camera that day.

Soda was not every ones cup of tea, but to us three he was the best, if ever you had to walk into a scary place or you felt threatened in any way Soda was who you wanted by your side he made us feel safe, he wasn’t afraid off anything and would lay down his life to protect us, he was a collie with a sparkle and a bark that I wont forget.

Stand down, Rest easy my friend.