Caprioara Prince of Thieves pet name


Well this is hard, so very hard. I just wish that I never had to write this 

I bred Raffles his mum was Secrets and his dad was Soda, he was one of 7 pups and such a tinker when he was small, why the name for him I hear you say, well as a pup he always loved to pinch stuf, like socks, toilet paper, mobile phones, remote controls, you get the idea. So when I was thinking of a name I thought Prince of thieves and it could only be Raffles ( who was a jewel thief ), and so it became.

I did show him and he did enjoy it, he flowed round the ring and had many admirers, he qualified for Crufts a couple of times and won a few 1st places at various champ shows. But his love of life, was his love of the out doors and playing around meant more to him than the shows, so it was decided that he would only do a few shows a year.

He was loved to the moon and back by Georgie, they were often together and she always called him her boy. Georgie also co-owned him with me. And I know that Georgie is heart broken about loosing him as I am.

I did stud Raffles a couple of times with our blue girl Winter but sadly I never kept a pup always thinking that I could use him again but now sadly that will never be.

Raffles other love was his kennel partner Deliah they shared everything together and she would always boss him about. Raffles and his mate Deliah have passed away together laying beside each other and touching paws, we think they may have been attacked by an adder during the night, Barry went in and fed them around 12 midnight and they all were ok they all ate there dinners. And when he went back into the kennels in the morning around 10am they were both dead, so we had them cremated together and there ashes will be laid to rest in the memorial garden with all the rest of there family, so gutted, so sad, this is the first time I have been able to put it into words and now I have to write this and add them to the fields of gold page, gone far to soon doesn't cover it, any words I can say wont be enough.

This is always the horrid part of owning animals they just don’t live long enough. As each one passes they take a part of me, and its unbearable.

But at least you and Deliah are together forever run free and let the wind blow in your fur and bark and jump and enjoy.

Miss you my boy.

A million words will not bring you back, I know because I’ve tried. Nether would a million tears, I know because I’ve cried.

R.I.P my little thief, keep stealing those socks.