Coarhabeg Helen of Sparta


Fern was a half sister to Ice (same mum different dad) 

she had a cheeky side not many saw but she was a funny girl not over keen on the other collies but she had a special toy a plastic squeaky toy that looked like a bag of chips and this was her toy, and if anyone else touched it she would get it back off them, it was so funny to see, the other dogs used to chase her when she had this toy and that she enjoyed, I did show her and she was good at it but she enjoyed being at home the best. Fern did win many prizes and went to Crufts on many occasions, she did like the green carpet there ( peed on it a few times ) yep that’s Fern.

She was an escape artist and was always out of the kennels running around winding the others up, makes me laugh to remember this, she got on well with her half sister Ice and was always with her. Fern always had a smile on her face she lived to be cheeky and was so much fun to be around.

Fern was the last of her line and she never wanted to be a mum so sadly there are no relatives from her here but her memory and her funny ways will always be remembered. We have such fond memories of her.

I named her after her breeder who was a great friend of mine and my friend was very honoured to have this collie named after her.

Fern was much loved and she made us all smile with her happy funny ways so Fern our girl run free enjoy the squeeky toys and one day I will see this streak of blue and black fur with a big grin speeding to me cant wait to catch you in my arms Fern. Too the moon and back