Corahaberg Exquisite via Caprioara


I was lucky enough to have Ice in my life for almost 15 years. She came from very good friends of mine Philip and Fern Sargent. She was a lovely blue merle with a beautiful expression and she was born in a bad winter with lots of snow and ice hence her name.

She was cheeky and new her own mind she loved being the centre of attention and so she just loved to be shown she always gave her best, and would show for anyone, she one many many prizes including many Puppy classes, puppy groups and then Best of Breeds and cups and trophy’s in her long career .

Ice had a kind nature and loved cuddles and sitting on the settee, she loved people and kids but she was the boss as far as the other dogs were concerned. She didn't like pups and sadly never had any so I don’t have a link too her, Ice kept the others in line and just one look from her and the others would fall into line. ( Not sure if they miss her lol)

When I was ill with cancer and having treatment Ice was one of the ones that kept me going, she went to stay for a while with the Glovers and they too fell under her spell especially with Ray, they spent many hours together chilling out.

Ice loved to camp where she could lay out in the sun all day and just chill.

But her fav pass time was showing, she just lived to show, when she was at a show she was always waiting to go in the ring, she never had a bad day and showed her socks off. Ice was old school by that I mean she just loved life and being with people and doing stuff, everyone who met her fell under her spell.

I was ill at xmas and laying on the settee Ice usually took no notice and did her own thing but she got up came over to me and looked straight into my eyes, she seemed to be saying good bye to me that’s the feeling I got at the time so I scratched her head told her I loved her and she walked off and laid down, later that same day I went to hospital and I never saw her again as that night she went to sleep and never woke up.

Ice is buried next to Soda in our garden of remembrance I know she is still keeping him in line and that there galloping around the rainbow bridge just waiting,,

R.I.P old girl love you.