D.O.B 16 October 2020 – 14 April 2021

Ember was only 5 months when she sadly passed away but in her short life she gave us many priceless moments of amusements. She loved playing with her friend, Boysie, on the lane and we had a magical moment where the two ran to each other across the lane to say goodbye. 

Ember loved being with people and other dogs and in particular took a shine to our largest and fluffiest cat, Hastings.

She had a wonderful temperament, willing to cuddle up with us but she was also such a nosy dog . Eager to be involved with everything and everyone around her. She was so ladylike and point blank refused to go anywhere near mud or get into water , which definitely saved us grooming time! It is sad to think that as her vivacious personality was starting to shine through her illness started to affect her.

We will miss Ember so much but she will always burn brightly in our hearts.