This is very hard to write, one of my golden oldies Jasper ( Mysticteam Bond on Bond ) has past away.

He was fine on Thursday out on the field as usual, he half ate his dinner that evening and when we saw him in the morning he had collapsed, eyes sunken and couldn't move vet thought it was either a heart attack or a brain bleed for it to  happen so quick....

What can I say about him, well he was born along with his siblings in my home although mum was one of Cathy Jessops, he was the only triboy out of the litter, I decided to keep him and he grew into a really funny fellow, he was always a grumpy git if any of the other collies invaded his space.

I did show him and he did qualify for Crufts on 2 occasions but showing was really not for him.. My friend used him on one of her bitches and she had several beautiful pups. His dad was Angela Harveys all time great Khan and he did have some of Khans looks  and ways. So for most of his happy life Jasper spent it playing ball and running round he always had a smile on his face  and a wicked twinkle  in those eyes. One of the best things he loved really loved to do was to rub his nose and cheeks on and along your legs he did it all the time and he loved to lean on you. He had a long and fun filled life and I was so very lucky to share my life with him , I will always miss him so Jasper run free my friend make sure you catch the ball as you chase around RIP my friend