Sassari September Moon via Caprioara


Have lost so many in the past year and sadly another has passed. Our little ball of fluff Moo Moo ( Sassari September Moon via Caprioara) died in her sleep cant believe it, just gets worse here, sadly that's the price i pay for having the years of fun and enjoyment spent with my dogs, for you see each time one passes they take a bit of me too.  

What words can I convey to tell you about this mischief maker this ball of fluff that knew her own mind and did her own thing. 

She hated showing (so didn't go) she hated judges (would bite them) she hated men (would growl and snap at them) hated other dogs (would start a fight ) only I could groom her (had to wear muzzle at the groomers) but folks she was fun she had character she knew what she liked, she loved to play football ( was a great goal keeper) she could dribble the ball like a pro. She loved to run and chase her best mate Houdini and ruff and tumble with him ( he was the only dog she would tolerate) 

she was only small (19 inches) and he is large (25 inches) but she could wrestle him to the ground easy ( Girl power). When i called her name her face would light up really light up her eyes would sparkle and she would smile really smile some dogs have it she certainly did. And a cuddle bum she was, she loved nothing better than to sit next to me and snuggle in and her eyes would be just slits and she would smile she loved that, she just loved being around me and Barry, she loved life.  

She loved the fields and running around and I have so many videos (thankfully) of her and the others chasing and being happy. 

Tracy and Malcolm Skea shared Moo Moo with me a few years ago Moo Moo spent quiet a long time with them and they fell in love with her quirky character. So I know they will saddened when they read this and that I hope you two raise a glass of something in her memory. 

A little about Moo Moo

Moo Moo why did I call her that....well when she was little I debated for many weeks as to what to call her, she was a little tyrant, bulling the older dogs, nicking stuff, pushing herself up the front whenever something looked good to her, pushing in when trying to brush others, in other words being a little moo hence the name and that name suits her even now as she still is a right little moo. But who would have her any other way? certainly not me, (although my dogs probably would).

I have showed her quite a few times but she hates it, really hates it, if a judge wasn’t needed then she would be very happy, as she loves going to the shows and seeing all the other people/dogs there, its just the judge....she hates them when they go over her and get towards the back end she snaps at them never has bitten them but ? despite this she has been placed at almost all the shows she has been to, even gaining 1st places and Best Pup. Moon on three occasions has also qualified for Crufts including this year 2020, so she does have good attributes and shows lovely.....its just the judge if only....

I have bred from Moon just once but she hated that too, her pups do not have the same attitude as her and have grown into beautiful fun filled fur baby's. So Moo Moo continues to live her life on her terms with her best friend Houdini, he is the only one she will share her space with, she loves him and together they have a stand off he treats her with respect she treats him with distain.

Moo Moo is on the small side with a large heavy profuse black coat, she is small but she packs a punch, I wouldn’t swap her for anything. She has character in spades. If it only wasn’t for the judges, well you cant have everything

so know sadly 

I hope that she is up there at rainbow bridge and has found her other best mate who sadly passed many years ago little man and that they are now having a ruff and tumble just like old times. 

So when I next call Moo Moo at the bridge I will see your face light up that wicked little smile and the ball of fluff come running and I want the biggest cuddle ever.