Starswept Velvet via Caprioara


Starswept Velvet via Caprioara

Dreamer was just that my dream girl, I got her and she had all American breeding, which I had been looking for and always wanted, she came to me through Angela Harvey and was DNA tested clear for all non carrier ( which in those days was very rare) and Angela had thought that Dreamer would be an asset to my breeding programme. And how right she was.

Dreamer was never destined for the show scene, she hated any fuss, she hated being away from home, and her ears, well the less said about them, but she was a true beautiful soul, she was clever ( could open the fridge and steal stuff then close the door so you didn't notice),

Any times over the years when we had a pup in a cage Dreamer would open the sliding bolt and let them out always very happy with herself for doing this as she hated cages, she kept all the other dogs in order(liked to round them up) she stayed by our side never straying, she did have big social problems, hated things she didn't understand and was often frightened of her own shadow, I sent her to my sisters who had a mad household and she took the time and effort to help Dreamer overcome the fears she had, so that after a long time Dreamer became a much more confident and out going dog and had a long happy life with us all thanks to my sister, thanks Karen, I know Dreamer loved being with you and that you both had that special bond always.

Dreamer gave everything to all her pups, she taught them how to behave, how to be dog, how to intergrate into a pack, she would always watch over those that were scared or not so brave and make sure she stood up for them when she needed to. If I had older dogs come back for a stay Dreamer would soon make sure they behaved, and new there place, it was her that taught the pups right from wrong it wasn’t me. Dreamer loved pups ,loved to play with them, fondest memories are of her curled up with them or teaching them how to play with the toys. All her children and grandchildren have the same kind loving temperament she had, they are true children of hers. And her daughter treat their pups just like she used too.

I owe Dreamer more than I can say. Dreamer had 4 litters I kept a brother and sister Ghost and Secrets and another of her sons Pacer lives next door, along with her granddaughter Cola .

Dreamer Captain and Jet are the three collies behind all most all of the collies here at Caprioara/Omordha so if your lucky enough to have a Caprioara/Omordha collie sitting at your feet, then its those three you have to thank. And those three are walking by your side, I hope you realise just how lucky you are.

Now I am going to add this here, what I am going to tell you is true, its not made up or wishful thinking. You can research it yourself just like I did many years ago.

But Dreame’s pedigree contains the name Van-M Sultana, a bitch think its 6 or 7 generation back. Well Sultana is related to Lassie the Holywood film star so Lassie did come home. When I was little and saw the films I vowed to one day own a Lassie, thank you Dreamer because I did.

Another part of me died today.