19th Oct 2017 – 23rd June 2020.

Thorn, was a friendly happy pup when his owners came and bought him from me, they had bought a blue dog from me a few years before and wanted to get him a friend, so Thorn went home with them. He and Wolfie became very best friends almost from the start, they were always together and shared most things.

Wolfie was always more for his owner Juliet, she and him had a great bond and her daughter Shana was really bonded with Thorn. There lives was going happily along and after two years of all being together 

Shana became very ill and was hospitalised for a long time. Wolfie was ok as Juliet would be at home for a short while each day to feed and let them out, but for Thorn the stress of being without Shana became distressing, he would be looking for her all the time and began not to eat and to be miserable, but how can you explain to a dog that Shana would be back she hadn’t abandoned him. This went on for about 2 weeks, and one day when Juliet was as home Thorn died, apart from missing Shana he had never been ill and he was only 2 years old. The vet said he had a heart attack and died from a broken heart, the bond he had was so great that he couldn’t cope with out her.

Shana is 14 yrs old and is now out of hospital and on the mend but cannot accept her best friend is no longer with her. So for all you dog owners out there reading this don’t ever let anyone tell you that dogs don’t have feelings and don’t bond with people and that no one can die of a broken heart because we know different.

From all of us here, from Thorns collie family , from Juliet Shana and of course Wolfie sweet dreams Thorn , heaven now has another angel, and Shana remember you now have an extra special guardian angel and if ever you feel the slight touch of fur or you feel hot breathe on your neck, or when your are in bed and you notice that the bed feels like Thorn jumped up onto it or you think you see a flash of black and white that’s Thorn who is still with you, as he loves you too the moon and back and although he has gone his spirit will be with you Shana forever.

We are lucky for having Thorn in our lives, for me who bred him, for Juliet, Shana and Wolfie who shared their life with him for our connection to dearest Thorn.

Rest in Peace our dear friend forever in our thoughts and in our hearts. Gone far too early loved by all a real star in heaven. RIP