With a very heavy heart, and much sadness, I have to add my Merlin to this 'Fields of Gold' page.

Where do I start.......Merlin was a proper showman, even while waiting to go into the ring, he was showing off. He truly enjoyed being shown and would show for anyone. He had the best movement I have ever seen in a Rough Collie and it was his movement that helped him win so many first places and Best of Breeds. Once he moved around the ring he outshone the movement of others.

Merlin's other passion was for his junior handling partner, Riahannon Todd. She started off handling merlin, and together they were outstanding to watch and both easily competed and often won against other breeds. They were together for about 3 years, and in that time they won over 40 places in the Junior Handling and the YKC classes at both Open and Championship Shows. They qualified for the Junior Handling Semi-finals at Richmond three times, and Merlin was often qualified for Crufts. here too Riahannon would show him, the love Merlin had for her was often seen by others, and everyone always thought that he was Riahannons dog. I know that, like me, Riahannon is heartbroken, and that we are both very lucky to have known and been loved by such a smart, confident and proper showman.

   Merlin will always be in my heart, he will always be my 'Merlin', my special wizard my blue boy, my showman, my love.


Till we meet again..........Rest in peace my little man....