Wicani Heroic Deeds

Pet name is Hero D.O.B. 08 February 2022

Please meet my only stud dog of the future. who we are in love with, Hero unlike the girls was brough just for me (Catherine), it was a dream of mine to have a tri boy for a long time, and of Course Georgie is over the moon to have a boy of her own to show 

The name Hero?

Hero is named that for 3 reasons, the first being, our affix is Omordha which is all about my grandad, and he was the greatest man to walk this earth my hero. Second being Johnny Depp who i love and have met sign the song heroes with his band Hollywood vampire and thirdly, Angela named him Heroic Deeds after the prime minister of Ukraine and the war that’s going on, so after all the sign telling us the name should be hero, we keep it as that.

He has a long and glittering pedigree.

I bought him from Angela Harvey because I was looking for a rough collie which had all clear genes using the DNA lab tests. These are MDR1 +/+ DM +/+ CEA+/+

This boy will bring many other lines to my kennel including UK/USA most of whom carry the clear genes.

He is only a pup at the moment so is still growing into his frame, but he has the correct ear carriage, his eyes are almond shaped, he carry's a lovely chin that has depth, he has a good strong and straight top line his coat is coal black, and he has a white collar and white leg with white back feet and he has a long tail.

Like all pups he Is going through the leggy stage. He went to his first show at just 6 months and was placed 3rd in his class so he has qualified for Crufts 2023.

Once he is old enough he will be up for stud duties if anyone is interested pedigree on request.

Updated pictures 2023