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Rough collie judge Mr John Essenhigh ( Brynlluan)

  • Date: 01/06/2023 08:07 AM
  • Location Held at Littleport leisure centre. Camel Road Littleport Ely Cambs CB6 1PU (Map)


Yearling class 5 entries 2 absent

Rumba 3rd

Post grad class 5 entries 2 absent

Thistle 2nd

Smooth Collie Judge Mr John Essenhigh ( Brynlluan)

Limit class 2 entries 1 absent

Diablo 1st

Junior handling

Judge Jenny Millard ( Rubylea)

12 – 16 yrs

5 entries

Diablo and Georgie placed 3rd

Both Thistle and Diablo have also qualified for the EACA dog of the year contest 2024 from this show

Critique for Newmarket open show

Rough Collie

Post grad class

2nd Corben’s and Moore’s Welanga Winter Carol’s via Caprioara. Masculine blue boy, with a head of correct shape, almond eyes and ears not to far apart, and carried well.Neck of ample length, shoulders were ok, deep chested in good coat, good movement.

Judge John Essenhigh

Smooth collie

Limit class

1st Corben’s and Moore’s Stormsett Shadow Dancer via Caprioara a tri dog with a smart head, eyes and ears correct, neck of good length, good shoulders, well sprung ribs, body of good length, would have liked more muscles moved ok.

Judge John Essnhigh.