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  • Date: 18/09/2022 01:26 PM
  • Location Taverham Road, Felthorpe, Norwich NR10 4DR, UK (Map)


Sheringham & District Premier open show 

Judge for the Rough Collies Mr Doug Bedford

Puppy class 1st place Flint and Best puppy in breed

Special Yearling class 2nd Narnia

Limit class 2nd Thistle

Open class 2nd Percy

Critique for rough

Puppy class 1st Moor’s Wisewyn All the Time in the World (imp prt) 11 month old blue merle boy was of very nice size, and in good proportion throughout, he was well developed in head with a good smooth wedge. Lovely transition from muzzle to top skull and has a pleasing expression from well shaped eyes., this boy has correct bite and very good ear set with nicely tipped ears.

His front is well angulated with a good lay to the shoulder, a level back with nice rise over firm loin to a well angulated rear. He moved cleanly going away and showed good footfall but the profile was slightly spoilt by a high tail carriage. Best Puppy

Special Yearling.

2nd Corben’s Caprioara Dream come True 14 month old sable/white female, had good proportion in size and headpiece, but needed a bit more substance throughout. She has correct headpiece, was good in eye and bite, well angled in front and had a good top line. She was a little on edge today, but moved cleanly going .

Limit class 2nd Corben’s and Moore’s Welanga Winter Carols via Caprioara . 2 year male of medium size but well proportioned, good smooth wedge to head, would have liked a little more angle to upper arm but held a good top line and moved well.

Open class. 2nd Corben’s and Harvey’s Ambartr Black Knight at Wicani. 2 year old tri of good size. Well Proportioned and nicely bodied . correct in head, bite and eye and very well angled in front. Held a good top line with good tail set and enough turn of stifle, moved well in profile but a little untidy going today.

Rough Collie Judge Doug Bedford. ( Chateaunewf)

Smooth collie 

Judge Mr Doug Bedford

Yearling class 1st Angel

Limit class 2nd Diablo

Critique Smooth

Special Yearling class 1st Corben’s Crownbred Butterflywings via Caprioara 2 year old merle female who has good size but presented just a little square ,head is well formed with good ratio of muzzle to skull, little tight in eye which for me affected her expression, very well angled in front, plenty of lay to the shoulder, correct in pastern angle and good feet. Lovely top line and enough turn of stifle and length to 2nd thigh which enables a free flowing movement round the ring.

Limit class 2nd Corben’s and Moore’s Stormsett Shadow Dancer via Caprioara. A nice strong up standing 2 year old tri dog. Who was presented well, good head lovely in eye , front angles were ok, very good top line, but I could take a little more turn of stifle, moved well all round.

Smooth Collie judge Doug Bedford ( Chateaunewf