Stormesett Shadow Dancer Via Caprioara

Stormesett Shadow Dancer Via Caprioara
SIRE - Jack Make’s Va Buidhinn. (Imp DEU) / DAM - Stormesett Snow Crystal

Pet Name Diablo D.O.B 24/03/2020

Please meet our very first Smooth Collie.


Stormsett Shadow Dancer via Caprioara pet name Diablo. This is my first ever Smooth Collie. I got him from a very good friend Barb and Ray Glover. As some of you may know Smooth Collies are on the rare breeds list which means there are not many of them. When Barb put a pic on FB of Maisy ( his mum) and asked how many pups did we think there was I said 9 and if I am right then one is mine and yes you guessed it there was nine pups so one was destined for me.

The two girls were already spoken for so I had the choice of the boys, I couldn’t make up my mind but in the end with Barbs help I picked one of the tri boys. Barb had his KC name already picked out but I chose his pet name of Diablo which means Devil, this does suite him.

He is a male and a tri colour he is only 9 weeks old at the moment and is getting used to sharing his space with a bunch of Rough collies and two office kittens .

Diablo has been DNA tested the results are MDR1 +/+ CEA eye +/+ non carrier DM Hereditarily clear.

Diablo has some German lines in him and so brings new blood into this country.

He is co owned by myself and Georgie, Georgie will be training him ready for the shows.

new picture October 2020

New pictures December 2020