I am the breeder of the Caprioara Collies my name is Pat and sitting here with me are on my right is the tri girl Jet, on my left is the blue merle Captain and the next pic is of my all American bred girl Dreamer , these three are the founders of the Caprioara collies

I have been breeding and showing Rough Collies for over 20 years now. I have had some success in the ring, but I show my dogs for fun, as both they and my self enjoy it. I now have a young lady Georgie Moore who has also been bitten by the showing bug, she shows both in the breed rings and also in the handling rings, she has had a lot of success in such a short time. Both Georgie and myself co-own some of the collies. the collies are great show offs, and enjoy being the centre of attention, but there favourite pastime is running and playing which they do most days, they really enjoy life.

This website is possible because of Catherine , she is the one who does the admin here at caprioara , she is the lady I share the farm with and Georgie older sister , without her this would not work. Catherine also owns cola who is on this website and she has been lucky to have 2 beautiful litters from her.

All my adults are DNA tested which we here at Caprioara feel is of the most importance, we do this to try and improve the health of our dogs. And we have used collies from other parts of the worlds to improve the genetic makeup of our collies. You will find the information on each dog on their own page.

Most of the pups are sold as pets and enjoy a variety of fun pursuits, like fly ball and agility. Puppies are always sold with a contract and to approved homes, as the home for my puppies is of the most importance. I do have a waiting list for pups so please if you're interested please contact us.

I also have stud dogs in the three colours again all have been DNA tested that you might like to use ,if this is the case please contact us and pedigrees will be sent on request.

So please take a look at our Caprioara mob and feel free to contact us , the collie family are fit for life and fit for function, they are the typical classic old fashioned type of yesteryear . All the dogs are loved to the moon and back, so come and look have a browse around our site we have a news/blog which will be updated weekly.

Caprioara how did I come up with that name

Years ago "during the war as uncle Albert used to say lol" I started breeding German Shepherds and so I needed a kennel name (Affix) I racked my brains for ages and couldn’t think of something unusual and what would stick in people's minds. I tried an anagram (look at me at me posh words) and after a lot of paper throwing into the bin I came up with it using my name Patricia and my birth sign Capricorn there for Caprioara, Barry (my other half) doesn't say Caprioara he calls if crappy dogs lol.

It is also Polish meaning of Deer which live mostly in woods which is very adapt really as we camp out most of the year around the shows and are used to living in caravans in the open spaces, so there you are the small story behind the Caprioara name