Why I got in to smooth

I have good friends in the Smooth collie world and as I have got older the grooming of the roughs is becomes a bit harder, also Georgie who shows my collies wanted to go into the handling side of showing and I thought that a breed of dog which don’t need a lot of time being prepared for the show ring would be a lot easier for her (we needed a drip dry dog ready to go )

my friend was waiting for her litter to be born and posted a pic of her, asking people to guess how many I commented and said I guessed 9 pups and if I was right, I wanted one. Well folks yes you have guessed it there was 9 and so I picked out a tri boy and he became Diablo the rest is history as they say.

I Have always loved the blue merle collies and so after about a year I went and got a blue girl.

I must add this breed is lively, clever, easy to train, loves other people and kids and is a good all-round dog, they make wonderful search and rescue dogs, as well as agility and even fly ball dogs, they love to be around you and just want to please.