06 Sep

Already owning a rough collie and falling in love with the breed we decided to look for another to join the family. Looking online as soon as a photo of our boy popped up we knew he was the one and looking at Caprioara collies all of their dogs are absolutely beautiful and traditional looking which is exactly what we wanted. 

When we met Albus’s mum Secrets we knew with her sweet temperament that Albus was going to be a special boy. We are so grateful to Patricia for allowing us to bring our gorgeous boy into our family. Albus was already 13 weeks when we got him, already toilet trained and very trainable in other areas. Albus is now 5 nearly 6 and we couldn’t feel luckier to have him in our lives. He’s gentle, loyal, cheeky, sensitive, loving and of course completely stunning! Attracting all the attention when we’re out with him.

I have two young nieces and Albus has amazed me with how he’s been with them, they adore him. I run a local dog walking business in East Sussex and Albus is like my business partner. He comes out with me each day to go on walks with his friends. He’s so great with the other dogs and they all look to him as their security. 

From experience with different breeds I will always choose rough collies and only wish more people would choose this wonderful, majestic breed. We look forward to many more years with our special boy and hope to one day own another Caprioara collie. 

Claire Dineen

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