26 Apr

Angel.....Two years ago I bred a litter of tri's and blue's, one blue girl stood out as being different, (In a good way) she had a lot of black on her and only a small amount of blue she had a big white collar white tip and white feet (nothing unusual in that I hear you say ?) but on her black coat on the shoulders both sides she had white wings, yes that’s right you read it right white wings, shaped just like wings, this girl was special.

After a week or so I got a call from my dear friend Fern Sargent (Coarhabeg) she had a friend who has had collies from Fern before and she was looking for a girl as a friend for her tri Phoenix, so Fern asked me if I had a blue girl and yes I did, to cut a long story short we took this pup up to her new owners who are a lovely couple devoted to the collies, as soon as they met her they fell under her spell and called her Angel (what else could she be called)…Phoenix was not too impressed at the time but now they are firm friends. I get regular updates and pics and Angel is in the perfect home, with the perfect people. What else could a breeder hope for ?.

Angel and Phoenix

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