16 Dec

Lovely words from the owner of Bailey

This is Bailey, born 29th December 2017. 

We were only getting 1 collie this time is what we told ourselves , it never works, Bobby needed a brother, so along came Bailey.  

We travelled all the way from Teesside to Wales to collect him and he made himself right at home in the back of the car immediately, much to Bobby's disgust!

And from there he ruled the roost – he lets Bobby think he does but no its definitely Bailey.

Bailey is an extremely strong dog, he loves to play with the other dogs on the field,  but bounds at them and body slams them so we have a few that run the opposite direction when they see Bailey coming! He is the most loving loyal dog you will meet.  He is so friendly that people shout him when we are out walking to come to them, and he gently jumps up and puts his paws on their shoulders and smothers them in kisses

Bailey is the most sweet natured dog you will ever meet , don’t visit his house if you don’t want to be covered in dog hair,  he WILL sit on you and you will get kisses!

Who needs expensive toys? It’s recycling day!

Putting a high fence up to avoid him hanging over it to torture the neighbours cat was a nice try , but there’s a chair there to help him!

Bailey loves exploring new places, here he is on his holidays enjoying the garden

He also likes pinching my bed when he thinks I’m not looking

And Bobby is not getting that ball of him!

Loving mum working from home, we get to block all access!

Did somebody says walkies?!!! If he sees us getting ready for a walk he grabs his favourite bone or chew of the moment, flies round the house with it in his mouth, jumping over couches, then drops it and steals my slipper.  Never quite figured out why!

All in all Bailey is an absolute joy wouldn’t be without him.

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