03 May


Our lives changed on 1st Aug 2014. That was the day I first met Pat to choose and take home our Rough Collie pup. The selection process was easy, she chooses me.

We had a few names on a short list and from the minute she was in the garden she ran headfirst into the hedge, and came out with twigs and greenery all over her so Bracken was her name.

She learned the word “huggies”, whenever we said it she would launch herself into my arms and you would get your ears cleaned.

Bracken has a fantastic personality, she is a peoples dog. She gives her favourite people special attention, a wiggly bum hello, then a dash up and down, she can smell a treat from 200ft ,off she dashes and then calmly she will find where the treat is and sit down in front of you looking at your pockets until you give her a treat. She likes to sleep on her back and is a great source of fun.


Christmas eve 2017 was when our small bundle of white and blue fluff first came home.

With 3 dogs in the house chaos was not far away and Kayleigh always appeared to be in the thick of it. If not the ringleader. We were a little worried if she would get on with our older Bosnian rescue dog who was a very reactive and quite growly. Kayleigh immediately took him under her wing, and he has been a different dog ever since.

When she sleeps, she has a cute way of crossing her paws, she has a cute face and she knows it. When she smiles up at you it is as if butter wouldn’t melt. For those that have seen Kayleigh out and about will know she has a sprint on her that makes Usain Bolt look pedestrian. She has come remarkably close on some occasions to catching her own pigeon dinner.

Both of my girls have definitely got their “humans” wrapped around there paws, but we wouldn’t have them any other way. We love our Caprioara collies

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