26 Apr

Rihanna and Star have both gone to live with my sister and share their lives with her family and two ST.Bernards . My sister has always had collies and used to breed them many years ago , we got our 1st ever collie from her, Maverick.

Rihanna left here first when she was about 4 months old, she was a live wire and has her own spin on things, she likes her own way, is very clever in as much as she watches what you do so she can do it too like opening doors nicking the cat food, screaming in the early hours just so that she will be let out around the garden, she is always up to things.

Rihanna 6 weeks old 

Rihanna 7 months old  

Star is quite a bit younger, but she is related to Rihanna but you wouldn’t know that as Star is really quiet, does as she is told and doesn't run about at 100 miles an hour like Rihanna, Star is the exact opposite to Rihanna.

Star 8 weeks old 

Both the St.Bernard's enjoy the company of the roughs but once they have played with them they both take themselves off to a quiet corner and sleep most of the day, and if they get woken up by the collies they look at them with distain so my sister says.

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