26 Apr

Am pleased to add Teddy to this page. He is a large Tri boy who is the brother to our Raffles

His owners are two very special people and I want to commend them here on sticking with Teddy. For when Teddy was in his new home and only around 3 months old he was found to have a heart defect which sadly cannot be fixed and was told he wouldn’t survive more than a year, I had kept his litter brother and so offered to give them Raffles and I take Teddy back, they wouldn’t have it , then the insurance company (which I give new owners free insurance as I know all breeders do) refused to pay up for the tests and treatment he would need all his life, so I contacted them and gave them copies of all the DNA tests I do and also access to the vet history on all my dogs and then the insurance company decided to pay up and also to continue payment for the rest of Teddys life, because it turns out that its not caused by bad breeding its just one of those things that mother nature throws a curve ball sometimes and I am grateful the owners never blamed me or held it against me, we are very good friends and will remain so.

This is one brave dog, he has been to stay with me for 6 months a while ago and what a delightful character he is, he hides when a camera comes out, he never sits still as he can walk about as much as he wants but just can run or play, so he has adapted to play with throwing toys in the air, he is so loving, and my other dogs when he was here were just so gentle around him like they know.

As for the vets prediction ...well Teddy is now 4.5 and still going strong, that’s because of the excellent care and life he gets, he is a real hero of mine and Teddy I am always routing for you.

Life is not about how long you live its the quality of the life you have, and Teddy you have the best quality of life I know.

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