17 May

When wolfie was a pup his owner picked him out of the pictures I sent to her, she knew just what she was looking for and had been looking for quite a while. She picked his name and couldn’t wait to come and get him, she had to travel a long way and she bought her young daughter with her. They both were smitten by Wolfie and he seemed to be impressed by them, they drove the long way home and Wolfie began to settle in. He was a little naughty as pups are but that didn’t matter to the owners.

As Wolfie grew I was kept updated by pics. His owner is partically sighted but Wolfie has learned not to get in the way and to keep a short distance from her and he also stays just in front of her so she can see roughly where he is . Then his owners went abroad for a while and so Wolfie came back too me for his holidays, it was great to have him back, his mum knew who he was and he could again play with his half brother Raffles. But when Wolfie went home he was not a happy bunny as he missed the others so much.

This made the owners think of getting another collie so they came back to me (am honoured that they liked my collies enough) and they picked a tri male pup I had and called him Thorn.

Both the collies love each other even tho they are both entire males.

Wolfie is now 4 years and Thorn is Two years old

They have a wonderful life giving a particially sighted person there love and protection for when she walks them they are right by her side and watch over her, they both are highly trained which the owner has done herself, their recall is second to none, and now Wolfie is very happy as he has a playmate.

Both Wolfie and Thorn have been back too me for there hols and I am so happy when they do there great company and live for each other.

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