20 Apr

I went to a fun show and I like these type of shows you get to meet many people with all different breeds of dogs and it gives you the chance to find out more about these breeds.

Also you get to win lots of prizes some of which are rather nice. I had a few dogs to show.

Firstly I took Flint into the puppy ring this was his first time and he went well I was pleased with him and he won a first and then went onto win best puppy in show. 

I then showed Angel in best pedigree and she strutted her stuff as usual she never lets me down and we were placed 3rd. I then went back into the ring with Angel for the young handler class and we won this class and then went onto to win best handler in show.

I then took I Simba into Best dog class and this had some lovely dogs in it and to my amazement we won and we also went onto win Best in Show ..wow is all I can say my first ever Best in show. 

Then to much laughter around the ring I took in Aslan and Simba ( father and son)into the brace class, and after a lot of trying to keep upright and hold on we were placed 3rd again In quite a large class or some lovely dogs. 

Then I took Ice (13yrs) into best veteran and she was placed 2nd good old Ice. I also took her into the best local dog class and again there were quite a few and she was placed 3rd

So friends if you ever see adverts for fun shows please give it a go you will like it.

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