24 May

British collie club

British collie club had there Rough collie of the year contest The contestants had to have won a CC or a RCC or Best puppy or Best Veteran in breed during the year at Championship shows. 

Aslan had won a Reserve CC and so he had qualified. Sadly he was not placed but he showed perfectly and with Georgie handling him they both did our kennel proud

National dog show 

I went to the National dog show on may the 7th and Diablo and I were entered in our first YKC class of this year. It has been quite a while since I have been in the YKC and I was nervous, but Diablo never let me down, he is a star. 

We were in the best in show ring on the green carpet there were 9 entered in the class and we were placed 3rd wow I was so pleased so I have a few points towards the 30 in total I need to qualify for Crufts 2024.

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