20 Apr

Another week has gone by and well what a week. After Simba won Best in show and all the others did so well at the fun show last sat we were all on cloud nine, then we came down to earth with a bump...

well firstly I had the dogs out on the field on the Monday and the Tuesday and Socks our black and white cat came up to the field as well, I had my camera and took lots of pics of him, well it was a good job I did, for you see on the good Friday Socks was with us as usual we let him and the other cats out and in the evening when they usually come in Socks wasn’t with them, I thought nothing of it and so the next day we called for him and looked and nothing this went on for two more days, I had Georgie and Lucy looking for him, in the barn in with the hay and also in the stables, these are where he usually hangs out but nothing. So I turned to the internet and put his pics up on fb and other sites then I made posters and flyers and put them through doors and on lamp posts and a week later at around 1am Socks just strolled in as if nothing had happened, he was thin thirsty and very dirty but he was back. So the posters/flyers had worked. 

After that excitement we went to match night at our Tuesday club, we entered 

  • Georgie’s Rain in puppy
  • Angel in junior class 
  • Percy in adult class
  • Ice in Vet class 
  • Diablo in JH class 

They all showed well and worked well for Georgie as they usually do. Diablo and Georgie won the JH class, and so another successful match night, we really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. 

Easter weekend was the same usual stuff, we had lots of nice warm weather and spent it with the dogs, so peaceful here. Georgie and her family all went off for the day to a zoo and also the sea side and they came back poorer but happy and they got to make many special memories, and that’s what being together is all about. 

We have a champ show in may this will be Flints and Percy’s first ever show and have others entered ( yes I know skint again lol ). So guess what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks Yes Grooming ..grooming ...and more grooming..( oh why didn't I just get all smooth collies no grooming lol) so having to save for the diesel for this show, always having to save for something. 

Back to business... we have a new connection added this week so take a look, and also more pics and results from the fun show last sat, hope your enjoying these little insights into our life here with the dogs. With all the financial squeezes we are enduring it can sometimes be hard to see beyond this, but having something to smile, laugh and keep as memories makes living worthwhile. Try to keep smiling and keep making memories. So till we meet again ( next week that is ) that’s all folk’s.

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