09 Feb

Morning /Afternoon depending when the news goes live (lol)

Well we went to the show on Sat and our Caprioara/Omordha teams never let us down This was my Narnier’s first ever show and she went round the ring with Barry for all the results I'm afraid you will have to wait a Little bit as we are catching up with all the shows results.

We don’t have any shows this weekend. Wow what a week we have had, chain saw blade blunt (your chopping to many branches Kat lol) 

We still have no heating /hot water ( another thing that doesn't work ) neither does Kat or her family oh the joys of moving and not seeing the house in person , thanks covid

Aslan and Deliah keep escaping from the kennel (Barry sorted it now) The field the dog’s use is so muddy, trying to keep them clean. 

The Winter Olympics are on TV almost round the clock so guess where I am for the next 2 weeks ( I just love the winter games As it has all the different sports you don’t usually see on the TV ) 

The dogs are doing well, eating me out of house and home glad there not fussy as there are on a combination of different food’s. They are putting on weight and their coats are getting nice and thick except for a couple of them. 

The count down to Crufts is on for us, making sure we have all the things we need are ready, its like a military mission, cages, blankets, Treats, grooming items , leads, treats (got to be nice and tasty treats so home made ones are the best according to the dogs that Is,) then there is food for us, drinks for us, a nice outfit for us, and top of the list don’t forget the passes, looking forward to meeting Up with some of you that read this news come and meet us( we don’t bite, honestly) 

The pups we have ( River, Rain,Pixie,Narnia and Flint all seem to enjoy the training and Georgie is doing a great job trying to fit It all in with school(never mind half term soon) 

Flint is off Tuesday night for his second ring craft session last week he was good but wouldn’t walk round the hall so hopefully He will be a bit more willing tonight, its so much for a puppy to learn but at least he isn’t frightened and he likes the wooden Floor, bonus.

Well folks that’s about it for this week, will see you on the other side, next week same day same channel lol Have a great week, make sure every day is a good day, if someone really pi***s you off just do a Mrs Brown and smile And say That’s nice. 

What ever life throws at you make sure you THROW it back. Stay safe my friends, smile and the world smiles with you Till next week tattie bye ( I sound like Ken Dodd ) for those of you old enough to remember him

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