17 May

Well its that time of the week again lol. It didn't start that well as firstly I was really ill and felt dreadful spent 3 days in bed and then another week falling asleep on and off on the sofa , So I saw the beginning of many programmes and not the ending ( I was just resting my eyes) then Catherine and her family were all ill as well, what it was we have no idea, but we all seem to be a bit better now.

I had to groom my dogs for the show we went to at the weekend, we had great results, you will have to go to the showing page and also Georgie's handling page to see full results, but I want to add that the teams Caprioara and Omordha now have a team for Crufts 2023. 

We have another show this Saturday its an open show not too far from here and so another early start ( Yawn Yawn ) but that’s our life (thought I had retired Barry says) no chance say I. 

There is also a new Caprioara Connection added to that page so please check this out. 

Both Cola and Magic came into season and we used Aslan as the suitor for both of them, so watch this space hopefully there will be the patter of tiny paws for both Caprioara and Omordha in a few months time. If anyone is interested in a pup please contact us. 

We have had such lovely sunny weather this week being spoilt, hope that the sun is shinning where ever you live. I am so looking forward to great friends of mine coming to visit us in the next couple of weeks. 

My nose it to the grindstone ( I know an old saying, but that’s me OLD..) getting all the shows in order and sorting which ones to enter and those which go into the bin ..sad to say that money is tight and so I have to carefully choose where to spend it, but am going to be able to go to some.

All our dogs are looking good in there summer coats, nice shinny coats, and black wet noses. They too are enjoying the sunshine and playing on the field. Post script from 

Socks " Meow last week I mentioned a little about me getting lost at Easter, well I didn't really get lost I went walk about and ended up falling asleep in someone’s shed, then they closed the door and I was inside, no food no water, help, after 5 days they came to open the door and I flew out they weren’t getting me again, I legged it home and was I glad to jump onto the settee and get food and water, I slept all the next day. And now I go out but don’t go far, ( think mum and dad were happy to see me) Well that’s all folks from me Socks the cat till next time."

Thank you to those that enjoy our weekly jaunts through a portion of what its like living here, and for any feed back you give. If you wish to be included in our Connection page please contact us and we will include you. Keep safe, keep well, enjoy your pets, hold those you love closer, make each as nice for you and also others, be kind, and mostly enjoy life. Till next week folks....

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