03 May

Hi everyone, well hope this week finds you all well and happy despite the financial crisis biting harder, depressing I know, the cost of everything going up even the fish and chips suppers are being hit as well. Now to try and get you all smiling, and to lift the mood. 

Last year we had Captain as our roving reporter as he could talk to the animals (lol), but he is sadly no longer with us, so I have decided to promote One of our cats to this position, he is ideal for this job as he stalks the long grass, and visits other farms (and gets lost lol). He is on a trial to see how he goes. So here is his first report. 

This is my news from my point of view.. meow.... Well at Easter I wandered up to the top field (this was before I disappeared but more about that next week) and had a chat with a couple of the dogs who were enjoying just being dogs. 

Socks " How are you all, having a good time I see, any bits of gossip for our readers go on you can tell me?"

Ice" well I am too old and tired for this gossiping, so I am off to bark at the horses"

Socks "please yourself...so anyone want to spill the beans?"

Flint "I share my kennel with Narnia and she keeps trying to nick my dinners and tries to boss me around, I am not having that so I give her sneaky nips on the bum when Barry isn’t looking so far I have got a way with it, and she also keeps barking nag nag nag she does go on, quick got to go as she is coming."

Socks" Thanks Flint...Meow don’t push in Thistle wait a bit.."

Thistle " wanted to say loving it out here and there is a new horse to see and chat too, he was a racehorse and his old owner used to teach him too jump and compete so he is very interesting...Hey let me in get out of the way.."

Magic "Well you never guess but Barry changed me to another kennel and now I am with Aslan, he is very cheeky and getting rather full on not sure why?"

Socks "well what about you Deliah do you have any gossip."

Deliah " well I am eating all my dinners, and like to run around on the field and also watch you Socks getting around, I like to see where you go "

Socks "Ah that’s why I often feel like there are eyes on me. Well that’s it for the gossip from some of the dogs. Next time I will get the lowdown from the other cats. Till next time that’s me Socks signing off, Meow meow. "

And now to our news, well sadly there isn’t very much to tell, except that hopefully next week two good friends are going to visit us and stay near by on a camp site, looking forward to that, no shows this week just lots of grooming. 

Getting our plans together for new kennels for the dogs and stables for the horses and hopefully new fencing as well so busy busy here. I have been ill for a few days really not well but hopefully will be better by next week. Have a great week enjoy whatever sun we have and look after yourselves, till next time.

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