17 May

Hi this is I Cap-a-tain your roving reporter I managed to catch Georgie after her poo picking duties.

Captain  - " So Georgie what have you been up too training wise "

Georgie - " I have been practicing getting thistle to stand and walk on a lead "

Captain - " How did you manage that."

Georgie - " Well I cheated and used cream cheese in a tube, here it is"

Captain - " Oh Georgie I would follow you anywhere for some of that cheese" ( nudging the tube)

Georgie - " I bet you would. We need more practise but thistle is getting the idea "

Captain -  (Licking his nose to get the cheese)  " How is Magic doing"

Georgie -  (Laughing at Captain) " Magic is older than Thistle, so she has had a lot more practice than him and she has also been to ring craft where as Thistle hasn’t. Magic does move smartly and stands well. I have also been practising the letters and numbers for the Junior Handling."

Captain - " How is that going " (trying to hide his face so that he wont be spotted with cream cheese all over it)

Georgie -  (still laughing) " well the reverse triangle and the letter 7 and reverse 7 is going ok but haven't started on the figure of 8 yet. I just have to remember to change hands. And to keep my eye on where the judge is standing "

Captain - "Change hands ? what's that ?"

Georgie - " Well its when you make sure that the dog is between you and the judge and sometimes you have to change the lead from one hand into , the other hand and go behind the dog so that the dog is still in between me and the judge."

Captain - " You are busy so when do you get time for this ?"

Georgie - " I try to practice every Monday and Friday just as if I was still going to ring craft."

Captain - " Many thanks Georgie for the chat must do it again, you can carry on poo picking now."

Georgie -  just laughs and watches Captain as he goes over to where Georgie left the cheese

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