07 Apr

Happy new year 2023 

We here hope you all had a great xmas and that you celebrated in style., along with having a great new year. 

We have been moved in to this property for a year and 6 months doesn't seem that long. So looking forward to another hot summer with longer daylight hours. Well another start to another year, another year older, and looking forward to a great time, to sharing what we get up to with all of you.

Firstly we were entered for the EACA Dog of the year but sadly we couldn't go but at least the dogs got there personalised rosettes and there names in the catalogue. We also missed the Boston show, so not a good start to this new year. 

But on a better note Aslan had qualified for the British Collie of the year contest and yes we did go but sadly he wasn’t placed but there is no disgrace in that as just to qualify is an honour as only those which have won CC’s or reserve CC’s are entered, so I am still very proud of Aslan, and he showed just as he always does he only has eyes to Georgie, so thank you Georgie for showing him. 

Our van has at last being sorted at the garage so should be back on the road in a couple of weeks, at last.

We have been freezing here and although no snow it has been very frosty and also foggy, the ground here is just so bad I haven't managed to get the dogs out much, but there still having a good time with each other in the warm and dry. I have several shows lined up for the start to this year so hopefully we will have good results. And of course Crufts in March.

Thistle has now sired two litters from my friends bitches, so once older I will be adding there pics and details here in case anyone is interested. I hope to have litters myself just waiting for the girls to get there acts together.

Once the weather starts to get better we will be able to start on some new buildings and new fencing so will be getting this property too how we want it but will take a few years, but knew kennels for the dogs will be up soon. So we here hope you are all ok and not freezing too much, once the weather gets better I will be going on a few walks with some owners of our collies, am looking forward to that.

Take care my friends, wrap up warm, keep safe, give those collies a cuddle from us, and will chat again next time.

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