23 Apr

Hi folks, hope your all fine and well, and that now lockdown is over ( for now at least) you can once again enjoy the nicer things in life. 

News here.....Our pups are all sold.. the owners are delightful....and all is well with them, they are now 4 weeks old and beginning to need mum a little less ( Cola is very happy about that). In a couple of weeks time they will be micro chipped and then start to mingle with their collie family, so will learn how to be a dog and doggie language. We are keeping all the owners updated with videos and pics every few days.

We went to a show yes that’s right folks your eyes are not deceiving you lol, It was a very long journey many hours but we had a ball. Georgie enjoyed it so much and she did really well but that’s on her showing page so go and have a look. As for the dogs they were so good, never put a foot wrong showed their socks off, did us proud. So Team Caprioara is now back.

We have now got two new foals born here in the last couple of weeks Gypsy had colt and Ruby had a filly so our family have expanded by two. 

The fencing that was destroyed by delivery company still hasn’t been fixed there dragging there feet over this so we still have a field we cannot use, typical of delivery companies. So for now that’s about it for our news 

I should get my tri girl from Portugal beginning of June still havnt got a name yet so if any of you have a name please put it in the comment box. 

Please have a great week hope the weather if fine for you. 

Take care as always and if you do have any comments or ideas please put in the box

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