24 Dec

We wish you a Merry Christmas and of course a happy new year. All the dogs are looking forward to there first Christmas in there new kennels. They have there paws crossed that Santa will pay them a visit but I wont tell them the secret that they have new toys and treats for xmas day and of course all get a xmas dinner including Yorkshire pudds and all the extras. So Santa will be coming .

We will be in front of the tv with a glass of wine and chocs and we hope you will all be doing the same, ( better be some good films and programmes on). I just wanted to add here to all my friends I have lost of the years and there are many of you, you may not be here but I often think of you and still miss you, so on xmas day just before I eat my dinner as always I will raise my glass to you all and remember each and every one of you and still wish you a very merry xmas, I hope that you will do the same for all your friends/family you have lost so that there memory is still part of Christmas.

Christmas time is for friends and family so we hope you all get to spend some of the holiday with your besties. 

We have no shows over the xmas and new year giving both us and the dogs a few weeks off , yippee we say, extra time in bed so will have extra zzzzzzzz’s Barrys happy lol.

We will be taking lots of pics for the web site so looking forward to that. We have a special surprise, we here are branching out we are launching our own YouTube channel with all the funny videos we have taken over the years and videos of the new kennels and including the dogs playing with our horses, of the kittens doing funny things, of the dogs just being there funny selves and of course not forgetting the puppies doing there stuff with Barry supervising the mayhem, when this channel is live we let you know it will be a laugh and you will enjoy watching our antics believe me they are funny. 

There will also be a yearly round up for 2023 giving our best results, those that qualified for Crufts 2024 and those that have also qualified for Dog of the Year 2024, plenty of results to add as we have done rather well this year. And also a few new collies which we have welcomed here at Caprioara. So please have a lovely Christmas, enjoy your family and friends, smile be happy and enjoy your holidays. Hug those that mean the world too you, but take some time out to check on those that don’t have anyone maybe take a dinner round or send them a xmas card or give them a call on xmas day so they don’t feel left out, believe me those that have no one would really look forward to this and it would mean more than you would know. So till we meet again next year (wow another year over) take care love too you all be happy and SMILE. 

Cheers to you all.

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