09 May

Howdy folks "sounds like a western film", another week has gone by, lock down is still with us therefore not much of anything happening I hear you say.

Well I caught the office dogs body taking a nap ( should have been finding out the latest gossip from his pals), I don’t know you give someone a job to do , looks like I will have to get the gossip myself.

Simba reckons he is out on the field too much and wants a lie in. Thistle is bored he wants a job to do as he has heard on the grapevine that we are hiring for office jobs. Moo Moo says not out on the field again. I am getting too old for this lark cannot wait till you all go to the shows so I can get a lie in. As for the rest of the mob there all keeping mum.

We had a lot of sunny days here but windy (that’s the weather not me) cannot wait to get out and about again especially to the beach, I know breaking the rules, but hey ho someone's got to do it lol.

Had lots of deliverys this week so the mob has been chasing the vans up and down the drive , it gives the drivers a laugh as they try to get to the gate before the dogs. The score so far Van Man 0 dogs 4


The office has two new members Socks and Buttons.

Your mission Socks and Buttons should you decide to accept it is too keep all rats and mice away, but they are too small I hear you say, well they have to earn there keep.

This message will self destruct in 5 SECONDS


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