21 Jul

" Hello readers, it is us the office cats just got on here quickly whilst mum is not looking , well what you think too this ?

we seen some of the dogs going out in the van and when they came back they smelt all clean and their fur was shinning they looked a lot thinner like their coat had fallen out so hope it don’t happen to us we have decided if mum picks us up to go into the van we are going to throw a strop, not going, no way,....we don’t want to look and smell like the collies, oh we are off mums back....quick get into the bed and pretend to be asleep..."

"Cap-a-tain here it is me again I sneaked in from the kennels just to let you all now that mum sent some of us to the groomers and we had a bath and a brush up so look better and smell nice or so mum says, so watch out fellow collies mums on the warpath to get us all clean...maybe the shows are on again? . oh I am off as she’s back...will have to sneak back out."

Hi there folks, have seen the kittens and Captain have already snitched on what’s been happening, and yes Captain is right the shows look like there back on or at least some of them, so getting to work on the collies, lots of brushing comes to mind...

Big news Kat went to see some property's in England and one is right up our street I could easily live there and the collies and horses would have a much better place to live so all crossed for our new home.

We have friends coming for the weekend and so we are looking forward to another great BBQ on Sunday and also Wales has now eased the lockdown so much better now.

The shows are back on Bournemouth and Blackpool here we come, how long has it been since I could say that? Will be entering both shows any results will be added to the showing section so keep all crossed.

Barry’s out on the small field cutting the grass ( like being back at work he reckons) as the grass is so long poor Diablo struggles to run through it. The collies have had there pool out this week and seemed to enjoy it but the skies are grey and the rain keeps coming not a lot of sun.

Looks like we will be back in the big field this weekend so the dogs will be able to chase the delivery vans once again and see who wins.

That all folks ( I sound like bugs bunny where’s that carrot?) I have a date with moo to get her coat sorted before she’s off to the groomers, so friends stay safe have a great week and will catch up with you next sat.

update went to groomers here is before and after 

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