22 Dec

We here at Caprioara/Omordha wish all our friends family and puppy owners a very Merry Xmas and not forgetting a Happy New Year. 

Sing to the tune of winter wonderland

Collies snore, are you listening, 

On the floor, drool is glistening, 

A beautiful sight,

 We’re happy tonight,

 Living in a Collie wonderland.

 Gone forever, are clean clothes,

 Here to stay is a wet nose, 

They make a big mess,

 None the less, 

Living in a Collie wonderland. 

Later on, dam or sire, 

Start to snooze by the fire, 

Snore away whilst they sleep,

 I think that we’ll keep 

Living in a Collie wonderland

We thank you for all your support and good wishes over this last year, for all your comments on our web site and pics and news on FB. We hope you have found our web site both enjoyable and of course helpful, our web site takes many hours each week to both write the news and take the pics to go with it, also to add the show reports and again the pics, to come up with different ideas for the site and also to get the time to think of ideas for different topics. 

Our aim is to make every puppy buyer ( not necessary our breed ) to find information easily and to make it understandable for all, to help all with grooming, bathing, worming and etc and to show you that you don’t always have to visit the vets for simple things there are old fashioned remedies which work just as well and help you too keep your cash in your pocket, but we always advise if something you have tried does not work then a trip to the vet is important.

Our news items seem to be popular and we hope to give you an insight to what it takes to keeping a multi dog home, as its different to sharing your home with one or two dogs. I hope that if you have a problem you would turn to us for advice, we can’t cure everything nor do we have the answer to everything but we do have over 50 years experience of multi dogs and how and what can sometimes go wrong, we are here to help. 

We have had a couple of our pups ( now adult) come here for their hols and they enjoyed it and was wonderful to see them again, here’s hoping a few more come for there hols this coming year. So if you want a free hol for your pet then you know where to come. 

Just like you we have had our trials and tribulations over this year, struggling to make our money go further, trying to get our van fixed, and debating which shows I can afford to enter. But that’s life now hopefully it will get better onwards and upwards they say. Next summer I am hoping to go on a few walks with some of our past pups as they do meet up from time to time it would be nice to spend time with them and for them to meet there mums again so am looking forward to that. 

There is a round up of all our best results from the shows over this year that’s on the showing page the pic is of all the rosettes that Caprioara collies have won during this year ( 2022) and we start again at the first show for us in 2023 which is Boston show.

Xmas can be a sad time of year for some, many are on their own, many have recently lost loved ones so it will be there first xmas with out them. Many don’t like the long cold dark night and so suffer from depression, I have recently lost a dear long time friend this will be my first xmas with out her, and at xmas I always remember all my animals and people I have lost over the years, each one special and I hold dear and many memories to think over. Some light candles, some put card hearts with there names on the tree, and some still buy a xmas card for those they have lost, my way of coping is this when the xmas dinner is served and I pour a glass of something, I make a toast to all my friends that I have lost I raise my glass to each and every one. There is an old saying to be immortal is for some one always to remember and say your name I say each name for to me they are immortal.

So make sure you all have a great xmas , celebrate in the way that’s right for you, we will be back in the new year with more news and goings on here. And hopefully new additions in the collie family. I raise my glass to each and every one of you. So from myself (Pat) , Barry, Georgie, and Catherine we wish you a merry xmas a bright and happy new year, and of course from the Caprioara and Omordha collie gang big wet sloppy kisses to there off spring and of course there owners. 

See you in the New Year.

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