23 Dec

Hi folks this is the last news till the new year as we have our 2nd litter of pups for 2020 due soon and also we are very busy at this time of year, new news will be added after Jan 2nd 2021. 

Well a lot has been happening here, rain rain and more rain leaving us with lots of mud, and fields that have swimming pools in them, so probably will need a boat soon lol. That the weather for now, hope those reading this are not too waterlogged. 

All the dogs here are doing fine and I am grooming 2 a day, and when I get to the last one I start again. The cats are happy they have lots of new toys and Buttons and Socks are out there catching the rodents and in Buttons case the birds, there mum Pride now comes over and spends a lot of time with them, she catches birds too, she likes it over here as she helps herself to the cat food which she shares with my Four, so at least the cats are happy.

All the pups have now gone to their new homes, and thank you to all the owners, you have kept me updated on how there doing, means a lot to me, and please keep those pics coming,  thank you also for the feedback about the puppy packs you get with the pup, we here try to give you as much info as we can.  

Need to say

To all who own a Caprioara collie please send me pics they will be added to albums and I love too see how they are enjoying there new lives. 

We here in the new year will have some exciting news and that will be in the next news item,(sorry I cant say more so watch our news section)

Wanted to say a big thank you to all that have comment , wrote a connection , read the news or just looked on the website it means a lot , this site has now been running for 6 months , there is so much we here at caprioara still want to do with it and so much we want to add but for now THANK YOU xxxx

We at Caprioara also want to wish all of you out there in cyber space a Merry Xmas and a better 2021, hope this vaccine works and we all get our lives back, waiting for the shows to restart and then we can all have some fun and we can meet up with you all, its been almost a year, a really long year. So friends...we hear raise a glass too you all, and hold you in our thoughts, too those friends and pets that are sadly missing, we send to you a virtual hug and respect and will hold you close forever. 


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