04 Jul

Well another week has passed us by, and looks like we are getting nearer here in Wales to having some of the lockdown removed, phew, that will be good, we can go out to the shops and I can buy clothes yipeeeee. Fancy getting excited by being able to but clothes.

Georgie had her birthday on Tuesday, she was thrilled as she got all of what she wanted, lucky girl.....

We had a great bbq and plenty of food and great company was so good to have a chin wag, we spent most of the day and evening outside, we had a fire going and toasted marshmellows with melted chocolate what more can you ask, the food was great thanks Kat for doing the cooking, looking forward to more bbq’s.

More news it now looks more promising for the Blackpool and Bournmouth show to take place later in the year, I hope so as team Caprioara are chomping on the bit to get back to the shows, I know Georgie and the dogs have missed it just as much as I have, so keep all crossed folks.

As you know I set a quiz last week I kept it to just 20 questions, and hope that all who viewed it took part, if you enjoyed it I will set another quiz which I will set a first prize so keep looking out for the next quiz.

Here are the answers for the quiz from last week

  1. What is the breed of dog who was invented by a vicar ? Parson Jack Russel
  2. What town do those called Brummie come from?  Birmingham
  3. What breed of dog does not bark but yodel? Basenji
  4. Can you name the dog who led the sled dog team which carried medicine to save a town in Alaska back in the 20’s? Balto
  5. What is the name of the ginger street cat who died last week? Bob
  6. Can you name both the dogs who have there own star on the Hollywood walk of fame? Lassie and  Rin tin tin
  7. What is the name of the medal which is the animal Victoria Cross? Dickin medal
  8. What is the breed of cat that is in the animation Disney film Lady and the Tramp?  Siamese
  9. Name the race horse who is buried at the winning post at Aintree ?  Red Rum
  10. What Latin American dance is inspired by the movements of a bull fight ? Pasa Doble
  11. The Stage Musical Miss Saigon is based on which opera? Madam Butterfly
  12. Which breed of cat does not have a tail? Manx
  13. Who wrote the book 101 Dalmatians ?  Dodie Smith
  14. Which actress played Cruella de Vill in the live action Disney Film? Glenn Close
  15. Name the horse who won the Grand National 3 times and was placed 2 twice ? Red Rum
  16. What is the name of the world’s longest running comedy sitcom on TV ?  Last of the Summer Wine
  17. what was the name of the talking horse show in the USA? Mr ED
  18. What is the name of the flower and the colour which people wear for remembering the fallen animals from the wars? poppy is the flower and Purple is the colour.
  19. Which actor played the titled role in the original Perry Mason? Raymond Burr
  20. Name the dog which became famous for keeping vigil on his master’s grave? Grey friars Bobby

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