16 May

Morning folks another dreary week has gone by, here in Wales there is no change from the lock down, still cannot do anything or go anywhere,  but in England that’s a different story.. feeling like we in Wales are a bit like a poor relative … So now to cheer you up.

Barry has a new kennel maid/helper or poo picker how ever you want to say it Georgie.

She comes over every evening around 6 ish to help clean out the kennels and feed the dogs. Barry reckons Georgie is a five star worker (and no he hasn’t bribed her). So many thanks Georgie you wouldn’t get many 10 year olds cleaning kennels.

Captain your roving reporter

Hello friends, It is I Cap-a-tain, your roving reporter, firstly I managed to catch a few words with our resident rat catchers. Socks reckons his sister Buttons walks all over him and that she can be a bit of a bully as she is bigger than him and she nicks all the treats, but socks is biding his time so watch this space. Socks loves the new scratching post and hammock, sorry folks that’s all I could get as both fell asleep and are now purring away.

I then was feeling up beat and decided to toddle off to the other field ( such a long walk for me as I am now an old gezzer), I wanted to get the gossip from the horses mouth. They were so busy chomping the grass that only Arnie was bothered to chat.

The gossip is that Donut is getting loved up with Ruby and Jack is not happy as the grass is greener just outside the fence. Cookie reckons the fence by the gate is loose and that if they all lean on it then Jack could get more grass then they all went back to chomping the grass.

Trust Moo Moo to get in the way of me taking this picture she lives up to her name a little moo I don't no how Houdini puts up with her.

Lastly Cola the girl next door has lost all her fur, seems she had puppies a while ago (I don’t know seems I am the last to know and just for the record not guilty lol) sorry not adding picture of her she looks to bad for my taste.

That's it from me your roving reporting signing off 

Thank you Captain for your news items looking forward to next weeks news.

Well signing off now and as bugs bunny used to say Thats all folks

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