26 Mar

Morning folks 

I want to start this news with some extremely sad news.... Our little tri girl called Sassari September Moon ( Moo Moo) died in her sleep, she was only 7 yrs old and was always full of fun and mischief, she was a one off, a real diva, she knew what she liked and what she didn’t like. Her pet hates were MEN, OTHER DOGS,BRUSHING and being told off, in that order. But her best and only pal was Houdini, she would boss him around, argue and throw him to the ground if he over stepped the mark, but she really loved him. 

Moo had a wicked look in her eyes a cheeky look she was really lovable and loved nothing more than having cuddles and playing with her laughing ball. She was always happy to see me and loved to join in the fun I will miss her so much, I will miss her wicked twinkle in her eye and she joins the other 3 we have sadly lost in only a few months. Moo has an obituary in our Fields of gold section. 

Peral our 12 yr old tri girl has been very ill but am glad to say she is now better and back to herself and Ice is now back too herself as well phew couldn’t face loosing any more, makes owning pets so hard. 

The weather has perked up ( makes a change) and the mud is drying up. The horses are doing well and soon we should have another foal running around the field. 

There will also be a new patter of tiny paws in the next week, our tri girl Cola is due next week, so new pics and updates will be in order. So as you can see we are looking forward to new arrivals here.

On the showing front it looks like the shows are beginning again and will start again in a month or so time, really looking forward to it so much. 

That looks like that’s about it for this week, we are taking Aslan and Simba off to the beach this weekend, and Deliah and Thistle as well, they love the sand, will have to build them a sand pit.

Thanks for all those who read this news, thanks too for all those that come onto this site and check the dogs out, and for those that are on my puppy list once I have pups I will be in touch too see what you want. Have a lovely weekend stay safe and will tell all next time

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