10 Mar

Howdy folks (makes me sound like John Wayne) sorry it’s been a while since there has been any news but we have had our problems here and the saga just goes on.

We now have a new van, a new dog waggon all fitted and kitted out with 5 cages and storage under the cages so we are now back on the road yipeeeeeeeeeeee is all I can say. It took long enough. So once the shows begin watch out for it in the car parks....... we are back. 

Our next bit of news is that we have a smooth blue girl called Angel, she has this name as she has black angel wings on each shoulder, and an Angel she isn’t, she has a mind of her own, and she is so bloody minded in fact she should be called Diablo ( means devil), she is a work in progress, she has a pretty face but don’t let that fool you lol. She chases the cats and tries to beat up the dogs, many of my oldies don’t put up with it but Diablo is afraid of her and backs off or runs away, ( chicken comes to mind) 

Well what can I say about the weather?, rain rain rain and so we have mud mud mud, I give you a laugh I ordered my dog food as usual from Amazon and was awaiting the delivery, we went out and when we came back half of the fencing in the field was broken and laying on the floor, well the delivery man was going fast up our path in the farm and skidded and ended up in the fencing and mud so he took half of it with him , so now the insurance company they have are not happy and will have to pay out a pretty penny. Delivery drivers in Wales are something else ( don’t get me started lol) 

Also the mud is not a good look when your trying to keep the roughs looking clean. Am now working my way through them all to get them groomed so they look like collies again. 

The kittens Boots and Mittens are growing fast and their older brother Socks and sister Buttons are now a year old and all grown up, I must say that they are all doing a great job keeping the rats at bay no rats too be seen so extra fish for their tea. 

As for the shows well maybe there is a chance we can have some shows this year I certainly hope so have missed them so much, lets hope the dogs haven’t forgotten how it goes. Keep telling them triangle and up and down but they look dazed when I say it.

Lastly there is a good chance we will be relocating to England soon ( ark at me and the big words I am surprised I can spell it lol) if we do I will be letting all my owners know the new address. 

And speaking of puppies our last two litters have left us such a sad day when they go but all the owners have been in touch and sent me updates and pics so am very happy about that, and all added to their own albums on fb, so please keep in touch means a lot. Seems strange with no pups but there will be more litters in the not to distance future. 

I have just had my Covid jab the 1st one and so am waiting the 2nd so hopefully in the future the lurgy wont get me, stay safe my friends and I am pretty confident that we will be able to meet up once again maybe this summer. Been along time coming I say.

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