27 Jun

Well hello friends, doesn't that sound posh I am going for a more up market approach, Na who's kidding who, its plain little old me, (not so much of the old lol)

Well there is not a lot of news this week, another boring old week has just gone by, but I did watch Crufts last Saturday, watched it with Georgie and we found it very good looking back over the past years, its on again this sat and also for another 4 or 5 days so please if you get the chance have a look.

We will be celebrating Georgie's 11th birthday soon with a BBQ and fun and games, so that’s good for us all here to look forward too. Will try and get a few pics (without her knowing ).

I thought of maybe having a small quiz no prizes I am afraid as we here are still in lock down so cant get anything to have as a prize, but lets see who knows the answers I will also put this quiz on our fb page so you can put the answers on there, so good luck and have a think before you put your answers as I can only take your first answer.

  1. What is the breed of dog which was invented by a vicar ?
  2. What town do those called Brummies' come from ?
  3. Which breed of dog does not bark but yodel ?
  4. Can you name the dog which led the sled dog team which carried medicine to save a town in Alaska back in the 20’s?
  5. What is the name of the ginger street cat that died last week?
  6. Can you name both the dogs who have their own STAR on the Hollywood walk of fame ?
  7. What is the name of the medal which is the animal Victoria cross?
  8. What is the breed of cat that is in the animation Disney's Lady and the Tramp film ?
  9. Name the race horse who is buried at the winning post on the Aintree racecourse ?
  10. What Latin American dance is inspired by the movements of a bull fight?
  11. The stage Musical Miss Saigon is based on which opera ?
  12. Which breed of cat does not have a tail ?
  13. Who wrote the book 101 Dalmatians ?
  14. Which actress played Cruella de vill in the live action film ?
  15. Name the horse who won the Grand national 3 times and was also placed 2 twice?
  16. What is the name of the worlds longest running sitcom comedy tv show ?
  17. What was the name of the talking horse show in the USA ?
  18. What is the name of the flower and the colour which people wear for remembering the fallen animals from the wars ?
  19. Which actor played the titled role in the original Perry Mason Tv series ?
  20. Name the dog which became famous for keeping vigil on his masters grave ?

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