23 May

Welcome all to this weeks news.

I have given this week off to Cap- a- tain the roving reporter as he is moaning about not being paid for his interview with Georgie and getting the gossip from the horses, I don’t know I gave him extra biscuits, seems he wants a nice juicy bone as well " but he doesn't have many teeth so he wont be able to chew the bone" but when I told him this he reckoned he could suck the bone instead, I don’t know you just cant get the staff these days, looks like I might have to furlow him.

Monday and Tuesday of this week was boring (have to be honest) weather was rubbish (wish the weather people would get there forecast right,) and we all here at the MAD house felt a bit depressed , even the wild birds didn’t bother to come for their nuts.

Wednesday was totally different , ..how I hear you say … the sun was out and it was hot and the dogs had their new paddling pool, it took Barry ages to fill it (and he used a hosepipe not what you all thought....) it did not take the dogs long to make the water muddy but they enjoyed it and was good to see them happy. 

Then later in the afternoon we had a visitor, ( now don’t get excited peeps we haven't broken the lock down ) it was a courier who had bought us our newest arrival. A Smooth collie..... A smooth collie I hear you shout, what happened have you now gone over to the dark side , well we have called him Diablo which means Devil so yes maybe we have.

Diablo is a tri male and he is for Georgie to show and for doing junior handling together so we here wish them all the luck for the future. So now Georgie has Thistle Magic Raffles and Diablo all in partnership with me, so just waiting now for covid 19 to covid off.

Hope that you are all safe and well and that lock down is not driving you up the wall too much.

News flash the chip shop is open in the village.... quick... Barry go get your chips.

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