23 Mar

Howdy folks. Well what’s happening? 

We here are enjoying a few days of sunshine and warmer weather, the dogs are happy about this. They have been out in the field for most of the days, enjoying the spring like atmosphere, so nice to see them happy and with big grins on there faces, our dogs are happy go lucky chaps. I always sit out on the field with the dogs just to keep my eye on them, and whilst I am there I am often visited by our cats, they are not concerned about the dogs and the dogs seem just to be happy to watch them, some of the cats think there a dog I am sure of it, as they follow us just like a dog and often like to chase balls and stones weird cats we have.

We went ring craft tonight (Tuesday) and for the first time Narnia actually walked and went round the hall with Georgie (Barry had to stay in the van and I had to hide behind the doors) as otherwise she wouldn’t go, Narnia still doesn’t like to be touched by those she don’t know but going with Georgie is a real start, this girl is just so stubborn and she takes her time to get used to things, but she is work in progress.

Georgie also took Rain to the club and she was a little star as always. 

Just going through the various shows and seeing which ones to enter hard to choose sometimes but sadly cannot afford them all. 

A lovely couple from London came to visit us last Friday , they are interested in going onto our waiting list, so I suggested they come to meet the adults and to see who I am breeding with whom, they liked what they saw and so there on our list for the next lot of pups, it was very nice to meet them and to spend time with new people, so if anyone is interested in going on our puppy list you are more than welcome to come and visit us and meet the adults so you can see for yourself our collies as although we have some great pics on their pages the pics do not really do our dogs justice much better to see them in the flesh. 

We have no shows for a while our next big champ show will be in May and we will probably go to a couple of open shows and some fun shows, the champ shows start in earnest this spring. But we will keep you all updated as to how we do. I must add that although we miss going to the shows it is nice to have chill out time. 

Sadly we haven't done much this week but we are going to go to a large shopping centre and take a few of the dogs to get them to meet people so will have to see how that goes.

With all the terrible things going on in Europe I have been heartened to see on FB many great pics and videos of the European people taking the refuges into their country and hearts , and people rescuing animals it shows you just how resilient people can be and that animals are family, never to be left behind, I salute you, all those that are helping in anyway they can. Lets hope that there can be a peaceful conclusion and that the world can make a difference.

Hope you all have a great week ahead, and that the sun smiles on you, keep laughing, and hopefully make a difference. Till next week ...........

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