24 Nov

Well folks another week has gone by and its still raining, well actually it looks a lot like mud, there are big puddles everywhere the field is so wet I cant let the dogs out just yet. 

It was my long time friend Pat’s funeral last Thursday and it went off well, it was the send off she had planned, I haven't got her ash’s yet, I have made a small garden at the front of our caravan with all her garden ornaments and her wind chimes plus both her garden chairs, so every time I hear those chimes I think of Pat, she would have loved it here with all the fields the horses and dogs and not forgetting the birds, we have some birds but not many. So when the weather gives us a break lol I will be sitting out the front with my memories of my dearest friend. 

Pat left her micro car to Barry so we now have a small run around to go shopping etc. Now to the saga of our van...Well....the garage didn’t do much to the van and they had it almost 7 months just giving us a load of bull, so we got it back and now we have a great guy who is a mobile mechanic for our area, so the van will have a recon engine and hopefully by next weekend it will be running again keep all crossed and the van will be used for the dog shows. Speaking of the dog shows our next show is LKA 10th Dec only taking Thistle Flint Diablo and Raffles so will see how they do. 

We are also in the process of selling our tourer going to advertise it on market place so here’s hoping some one is interested in it so things are looking up for a change. 

We had one of our pups now adult come here for a few days on his hols, Ghost loved being here and we loved seeing him again , he had a great time with his relatives and didn’t seem to want to go home lol, its so nice when past pups come back for their hols means such a lot for us to see them again. 

On another note Winter my blue merle girl decided she wasn’t staying in the kennels anymore and she jumped through the window so now she is in the caravan with us, its getting a bit squashed in here as we have 7 cats 2 smooth collies and three rough collies so not much room on either our bed or the settees.

There have been a couple of past litters celebrating there birthdays in the last couple of weeks , we wish ALL our Caprioara/Omordha pups the biggest birthday kisses and cuddles from us and if your owners have any pics of you please send them we love to see them. 

Thistle has now become a dad his first litter he has sired was born a couple of days ago and the owner of them is more than happy, will add pics maybe on the next lot of news, Thistle also sired another litter but there not born yet. So well done Thistle looks like he is in demand.

Georgie is decorating the grooming room so she can at least have some where to groom the dogs its coming together nicely. And I will have to use it too as when I groom the dogs in here with us there just isn’t any room anymore so the groom room will be a bonus.

The nights are really drawing in and its getting a bit chilly at night now so autumn is really biting at our heels. On the computer it says 4 weeks till xmas eve ouch ouch and double ouch got to get xmas ready, na we going no where and no one coming here so just us two as usual, xmas is boring now no one too share it with, so to those of you on your own xmas time, wrap yourself up in your fav blanket get lots of sweets and drink in and have some down time. 

We here hope you are all ok and that you like to ramble down the lane with us. Till our next encounter down memory lane, take care and stay safe, give those furbabies and extra cuddle from us here. Toodle pip.

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