21 Jun

Well folks, what a week we have had.

Firstly instead of the sun and blue skies we had black skies wind (that’s not Barry as he hasn’t had any baked beans this week lol)..and rain..rain..and guess what? Yes more rain, flooding in some parts around here but its very muggy, so hope the sun comes back.

Secondly one day in the week we had two police cars turn up they blocked the gate and walked up, there were three of them, they started to say hi there nothing to worry about ( lol don’t worry … there joking right, ) so we asked what you want (no we are not Chinese) lol, they were looking for someone (no folks it wasn’t Barry,) and thought they lived here, so after a short chin wag they were on there way. ( phewwwww its wasn't us honestly) I don’t know we live in the middle of no where and you never see a copper, but like buses two turn up lol. Sorry no pics of the police as they said no publicity.

The rest of the week was disappointing after that, but at least we are all ok here we are still in lock down and we are well and wearing our face masks and gloves when we go out, we keep getting funny looks and that’s just from the dogs.

The kittens are now trying to get in on the act and are yelling for something, I will have to get Captain to find out what's going on?, What they on a bout! oh I see the litter tray is dirty and there queuing up too use it so will have to go, sometimes I wonder just who owns who ?

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