Astromelias Ulises Via Caprioara (Imp ESP)

SIRE - Astromelias Poncho / DAM - Astromelias A Star is Born

Pet name is Aslan D.O.B. 04 Feb 2018 Coefficient - 6.6% Proven Stud

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Caprioara Apollo Pride

SIRE- Astromelias Ulises via Caprioara ( IMP ESP) / DAM - Starswept Velvet via Caprioara

Pet name Simba D.O.B 16/08/2019 Coefficient - 4.5%

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Welanga Winter Carols

SIRE - Highnol Echos in the Mist for Welanga / DAM - Highnol Heaven can wait with Welanga

Pet name Thistle D.O.B 04/01/2020 Coefficient - 18.7 Proven Stud

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Ambartr Black Knight at Wicani

Sire - Ambartr Keep the Faith / Dam - Wicani my Molasses.

Pet name Percy D.O.B 20th May 2020 co efficient 2.1%

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Wisewyn All The Time in the World Via Caprioara

Sire - Wisewyn Snow Fever / Dam - Wisewyn World Peace

Pet name Flint D.O.B 04. Feb 2021 Coefficient 4.7%

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