09 Dec

Another week has passed and still raining and cold here, the weather is getting us all down, and its not long till xmas not that it will make much difference to us here, we are not going to risk going back to London as covid levels are high so will just be chilling here. 

I see we now have a vaccine, and good or bad? Depends on your view point, I for one will be having the vaccine as I want my life back and I am fed up of hiding from this virus, cause hiding is what we are doing, I want to get back to the shows spending time with family and meeting up with my friends, I am one of those who are venerable so will see how long I have to wait to be asked to have it. 

All the animals are good the pups are now 7 weeks old and so will leave in a couple of weeks time. They will be getting their chips on Sunday, so nearly ready for they adventure. They all have wonderful homes with experienced collie owners and will have a wonderful life, don’t forget me owners, keep in touch it means the world . They will be sadly missed especially by their mum Winter, Raffles says bout time they go lol. 

I will be getting ready for my second litter of this year Magic and Aslan so I have been whispering in her ear dark sable girl dark sable girl, ( yes you have guessed it a dark sable girl for me, if only). I have been waiting to do this mating for a while.

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