14 Aug

Howdy folks, well we are still surviving here on the farm...what's that’s all about I hear you say...well like most of the UK we have had terrible thunderstorms crashing thunder wicked lightening and rain rain and yes you guessed it more rain. 

The grounds in the fields were so hard almost like concrete but In a few short hours we now have mud mud glorious mud ( Glastonbury comes to mind ) “ where did I put those wellies “ The thunder was so bad that the electric surged and blew my telephone so now we are down a telephone ( off to the shops I go .) I give you another laugh in just a few days this week my freezer broke and went to freezer heaven, I went to steam my carpets and my steamer was broke ( had to borrow next doors,) so my steamer is in steamer heaven then went to cook dinner and the pilot light for the gas wont light ( need a new one and the person who does it has three weeks work before us so guess who cannot cook for the next 3 weeks, ) sandwiches here we come, it just gets better someone up there doesn’t like me 

oh yes by the way I just sent off the entries to the Blackpool show which I was so looking forward to and that’s cancelled, and just now the thunderstorm has taken out the internet so no TV or computer for a while, and no telephone and our mobiles don’t work either, you couldn’t make this stuff up , maybe EastEnders are looking for a new story line you never know as they have lots of doom and gloom in there show . So if in the future any of you out there in cyber space think your day has gone bad just remember this news, and this is not that unusual to happen to us.

Now I have made you all laugh at our misery and cheered you up cause you can see that others have it worse than you here’s the rest of the news

Before the heaven’s opened we did have a few days of hot hot weather, the dogs had there pool out and as usual Thistle was in it putting his head under the water and blowing bubbles, honest to God he holds his breath then puts all his head under and then blows bubbles with his nose, its spectacular and is the best party trick ever.

Almost all the dogs have now been to the groomers only 3 pups to go and we bathed Soda out on the field ourselves as he is the only one of all my dogs that hates most people and would take a chunk out of the groomer so best we do him ourselves, but he is the best guard dog ever his nick name is jaws cause he has so many teeth and loves to show them at people, you always get one in a group lol.

Well that’s it for now, i hope I have given you a small insight into our wonderful world here at Caprioara and that I have given you a laugh and that your week has been a better one than ours, so folks have a good week stay safe and lets see what happens here between now and the next news bulletin.

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