31 Oct

Morning folks, well the clocks went forward last weekend and so we got an extra hour in bed ( yippee I hear you say), well I wish someone had told the dogs as bang on time they all wanted to go out at their usual time, I must teach them how to tell the time?. Any ideas anyone?

We have had rain and rain and yes you guessed it more rain, so once again we are water logged here on the farm, so now the fields have lots of mud and the dogs are not impressed as my collies hate getting wet and dirty some don’t even like the dark, divas come too mind.

The puppies are now two weeks old and so soon we will have the delight of their eyes opening and then I will have to wean them at 3 weeks oh what fun we shall have. Updates on our FB page .

Another new member came to live here another kitten she is the sister to our office cats Buttons and Socks the new kitten is called Mittens and we will keep you posted on her. Socks has been catching the baby rats and mice so he is working hard but his sister Buttons just likes to play in the long grass and watch the birds, so she needs to buck her ideas up or I will have to cut her allowance of Biscuits.

The horses are fine and still chomping there way through the grass and hay but they seem in fine fettle .

Wales is now in full lockdown once again so staying at home is now the new norm but it is just so boring hope I wont need any new shoes soon as the shops cannot sell them, and bare feet is not a good look. Its not too cold here yet but that’s to come no doubt. As we have family back in England and Wales has closed its borders its like living in a foreign country, and so I probably wont be able to go back to see the family for xmas .

We had no tv today so we watched DVDs and I couldn’t resist watching Lassie, ( how sad am I, I have many rough collies and yet I still watch a collie film), as a child I used to go to the pictures and watch the Lassie films, I used to say to myself that one day I too would have my own Lassie and now many years later I do.

As for the van saga. .well...nothing more too add really as the van is still out of action just don’t seem to be able to get another engine it just goes on and on.

All the dogs now seem to have gotten over losing Captain and Jet as they don’t look for them anymore, but I still find it hard that there not here.

So that’s about it folks I hope the news items brings a smile too you and that you find our web site both entertaining and informative, we do put updates on so just keep coming back there will be new pics added of Diablo and Thistle and Simba as they have grown up so much since the last photo shoot, just have to tell the rain clouds to do one.

There will also be new pics of the pups each week as they grow. I have to go now as I have a cup of Horlicks with my name on it ( how old am I will be putting my false teeth in a glass soon that’s if I had any lol). So folks stay safe ( bet your fed up with that saying ) and keep on dancing ( sorry wrong ending). Have too stop watching so much tv.


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